Sunday 10am Eucharist

    Howells | Collegium Regale Communion Service

    Smith Moore | Daniel, Daniel

    Battishill | O Lord, look down from heaven

    Daley | Hymn to God


Sunday  3:30pm Evensong

    Balfour-Gardiner | Evening Hymn

    Webster | Responses in the Mixolydian Mode

    Stanford | Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in E-Flat

    Wesley | Ascribe unto the Lord

    Harris | Bring us, O Lord God


Additional Repertoire for Weekday Services

    Wood | Great Lord of lords (ATB's)

    Webster| Preces and Responses (Trebles)

    Tallis | Salvator mundi

    Bach | Sicut locutus est (From Magnificat)


Course Participants should order their own copies of music from Cliff Hill Music.